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Questions, comments, concerns, hatemail, et cetera

Posted by DannyP - May 21st, 2010

I am working on various things... There's no telling what I'll finish next or when it'll be done. I hope to get "Copy Ninja vs. Copyright 2" out of the way once and for all in the somewhat near future since it's, like, half done.

I currently have no intentions of making Meteolife 2. I'm not a good programmer. I haven't played Stick RPG... 2...? What the hell? It doesn't exist? I thought they already released it by now. No wonder I get so many people telling me to make Meteolife 2...

Anyhow, post whatever you want to say here.

Comments (6)

I view your parody of link... for me is better... the darkar´s flash sucks...
Well... my flash aren´t good, but i like beat the 3.50 with my robot day flash...
I like your art... (now i´m learning pixel art XD), if you want to make a rpg style Epic Battle Fantasy or a joke style tax time (without the medals T_T) i can help you...

Thanks for the compliment, but Darkar isn't all bad, haha. Just overrated, I think.
I'm already doing pixel art for an MMO project as well as some personal projects, and I have a bunch of other projects, so I'd rather not get into anything else right now. Good luck with your attempts at pixel art, though. Be sure to look up tutorials about "anti-aliasing" if you want your pixel art to look more like Super Nintendo or 1990s arcade stuff (rather than NES stuff or older).

Sorry the double messague... I press F5 ^^

That's fine, I just deleted the extra.

but...but metrolife is pretty good it only needs some sound and a few fixed buttons like working at the powerplant

It's also pretty buggy and I could make way better graphics now... And the people who reviewed had lots of good ideas, so a new Meteolife game would be way better and more fun.
... But also more work to make.

Dude you have some pretty awesome art!!

Thanks, haha. I've still got loads of room for improvement, though.

meteolife should let u rob banks with a fake gun ig u succed u get random cash if u fail u get shot by a cop and should let u blow up bouldings then let u buy 3 types of guns a machene gun a pistol and a prank gun
and buy bombs and thats proply all i can think off

Shot by a cop and prank gun, lol. I haven't heard those ones before. I dunno if I'll ever make Meteolife 2, but those are interesting ideas.

reply to my first comment plz?

Oh, alright.