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Nothing to see here

Posted by DannyP - March 24th, 2011

I'm lazy, I barely make stuff. I have a general dislike for people on the internet since half of them are kawaii weeaboos, half of them are 4channers repeating the same unfunny shit everywhere, and half of them are trolls. There are still good people/works, but the Newgrounds community follows those trends more and more, it seems, which is disappointing. Nothing to see here, just another generic Flash artist among tens of thousands who've never done anything noteworthy or memorable. Move along.

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You can't have three halves, they're called thirds. Otherwise it'd be 150%.

Half you thought I did that on purpose?

Meteolife was awesome man. x]

Hey, Stick RPG 2 has been released after 7 years! Will you make a Meteolife 2? Oui? Non?

*i'm not French, actually*

Probably not seeing as X-Gen finally gave their fans what they wanted, so I feel less obligated to fill their shoes.

hey if you make meteolife 2 that wil be really cool
but don't worry i'm not a creep i was just wondering if you could add
more times to steal and rob places....

I totally agree. Coming from the audio portal side. It really bothers me that 90% of Newgrounds' Audio Portal "All-time Top Scoring!" is absolute crap. There are 3 good ones at best...Most of these idiots just make music and have no Audio know-how, and even if they did, what they are making just plain sucks most of the time as well. I'm not saying my stuff belongs there in place of it all, I'm just saying that some people put more effort into composing or remixing music than others, and it seems to me that the people who put less effort into it seem to flourish here. Most of the time it's just "Oh mommy and/or daddy bought me fl studio for my birthday, im going to make some sick beats yo" and that absolutely infuriates me.

Here here. Some of the top rated stuff is fairly bullshit... or at least last time I checked. I haven't exactly been around lately... I should probably check your stuff out sometime!

man you seem bummed...
stick rpg 2 was good but meteolife is not really a clone it filled the stuff X-gen didn't put in they're game.