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Blind Swordsman complete

Posted by DannyP - March 20th, 2008

Check out my latest game, Blind Swordsman!

Supernatural Fighters 2
I haven't touched this for a long time... Hopefully I'll get back to working on it eventually. The original game is always getting tons of reviews, so I'm sure people would love to see a sequel from me now that I'm far more experienced than I was 2 years ago.

Omega Meteo Inc.
Omega Meteo Inc. (the sequel to .:Escape:.) has faced some procrastination, but I also work on it now and then. I'd say it's close to being half done. Most people hated how you had to start from the very beginning if you got caught in Escape; I've learned from my mistakes and your reviews. You just have to restart the area you're in when you get caught in Omega Meteo Inc.

Copy Ninja vs. Copyright 2
I started this project some time last year, but I never got beyond the intro. Some of the voice acting is already done, and the script is written; I'd hate to see these efforts go to waste... I could just randomly get back to working on this at anytime.

Meteolife 2
Meteolife 2 has no progress at all! It's gone through some planning, but it's just too great of a project... and I have other stuff in progress already, so I figured I'd leave it for later... way later.

Comments (18)

I love supernatuarl fighters 1 so imagine how great 2 will be.

you really should work on supernatural fighters2

I have to work out some kind of bug in Supernatural Fighters 2 before I can continue making the different characters :( That's kind of put me off from it... Omega Meteo Inc. is probably the easiest thing on my list right now; I could finish that in a few days if I tried to...
I kind of wanna get back to Copy Ninja vs. Copyright 2, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for that yet :P

You really smoke crack do you? A minute of mario was the most awsome thing i've seen since SSBB Theme Decoded

make a guy have a big sword in supernatural fighters 2

I love the game meteolife is very good all me life play games RPG

dude wheres meteolife 2 ive been waiting for 2 years now and i was hoping for it to come no progress eh dude well fuck you i dont want to see another game by you ever again well if meteolife 2 comes out then its the opposite

work on meteolife 2 plz

hi i liked meteolige i xant wait for 2 plese hurry up on the game

hi danny its max81 glad to hear your atlease trying metrolife 2

i think you should work on meteolife 2, it's your best game

Well touch supernatural fighters 2 already!*sigh*

You're really ugly.




Meteolife 2 PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where's meteolife 2?

it's decided work on meteo life or a dead body in ur house will rape u!!!
jk dude but everyone is begging for the squeal of meteo life make it!!!