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I love these. Just when I think I've found the key, I find myself stumped with a new problem.
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This game and your attitude are hilarious.

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PsychoPop responds:


The game is decently amusing, but I've gotta be honest - your graphics are terribly uninspired! The drawings of fish, however, look very detailed and realistic. I don't understand why that is, though I did know someone before who couldn't draw worth a damn, except his drawings of fish were excellent. Quite fishy.

Anyway, I like your story and game description. The capitalistic end game leaves something to be desired, though. Personally, I think I would have liked this better as a more generic sort of typing game where you just hit the key rather than having to hold it down. My computer beeps at me when I press more than 3 keys at once.

Just like old times

The dialogue in Punch Out made me lolirl. I think I accidentally just went through my childhood in... uh... I dunno how long this took me, something under 2 hours. The Megaman level was kinda annoying since you couldn't hesitate for a split second and had to know exactly what you were doing to be able to proceed, but it was also nice to relive something like that (in small doses).


Like the other guy said, it'd be much better if the camera centered around the character. I notice you've got it set the same way if you move backwards on the screen; I like that you've given the player the option to go back, not that there's really any reason to in this version. Perhaps if you had some parts where the player went up and down the level, you could give the player some reason to move backwards.

Indeed, it's just the usual platformer right now. Run forward, collect [item] that's in your way to get more points, jump on enemies, watch out for holes, and reach the goal. You'll want to add a bit more variation in there... For example, making it so the player can find the key easily enough, but making it tricky to actually get it. You could also add special moves, which would perhaps cost those 'clef' things to use. For example, jumping very high or floating across a decent distance.

Just keep in mind that games should generally provide some sort of challenge. Try to keep things fresh and avoid repetition, though, and don't make it "challenging" in an annoying way, such as having to be 100% precise to achieve something in the game. Anyhow, keep at it; I'm sure you can do something better.

Not horrible or amazing

I'm surprised so many people hate the game with such a burning passion. It's a good idea, but I'm not sure if I agree with it being frontpaged for it. It makes me wonder if it achieved that because it's helping someone else's cause or just because it has to do with Newgrounds. Anyhow, you other reviewers, you can't blame these Flash artists for that, and you shouldn't give them zeros over it. Just rate it for what it is.

The graphics were great. I wanted to just watch that boulder roll, but then I'd get dead.

As others have complained, some instructions would be nice. It is fairly straightforward, but it might take a few tries before you really understand the game... On my first couple attempts, I didn't know collecting the gems would knock the boulder back. I thought there was another button or something I was unaware of.

Quite frankly, I was expecting something funnier after reading the game's description on the front page. I thought to myself, "ogodwat, running from a boulder? I gotta see what other crazy stuff this game has. This should be funny"... but that was it. I was sorta hoping the Indiana Jones reference would just kinda slide into place like in that one episode of The Simpsons (you all know what I'm talking about).

Anyhow, as a game, it isn't that amusing after 3 minutes. Good cause or not, I think only a high score list can redeem the play value of infinitely looping games, and this game didn't seem to have one.


Senseless slaughter, "holy handgun", and a desert scenario. I lol'd, so I voted 2.

The game is quite terrible, though. There seems to be no end to it and it looks like yet another simple "first game" assignment from a class at school. I thought they were nostalgic at first, but now I'm less amused by seeing so many...
Anyhow, games need to have a goal and rules to be games. In this case, the goal should be to kill a certain number or survive. The rules would be a time limit, special attacks, allowing enemies to attack, etc. Remember to ask yourself, "Is this worth playing? If someone else made it, would I play it?" If the answer is no, then try to change it or add something interesting.

Of course, it's just your first game, and you're obviously just learning this stuff. Keep at it and you'll get better.

Greenbean121 responds:

Haha, the fact is, it's not for school. I'm just making a game to practice my flash skills and thought I would submit it and see what happened, you know try and get some help maybe? It seems like I've gotten plenty of ideas in response, but not much help in the area of actionscript... If you or anyone else could be so kind as to pm me where I could find help areas for such things then I would be glad to spend more time improving this game to the max making it the next "Storm the house"

Too hard?

I was expecting another stupid "don't let your mouse touch the border (pls dont cheat)" maze. This was a nice surprise. However, I gave up after a while... I think I even looped at some point.

Having it zoomed in like this so we can't see the goal is a great idea. It makes it so we can't just find the path by working our way backwards from the end. Not much to say about the graphics, it was too hard for me to stick with it, and there was a lack of other original features.

I'd like to see either a "compass" or "radar" feature so you have some idea of where the goal is and where you are. These could have limited uses if you think that would make it too easy. Perhaps the walls could be different colours in different regions so you can see some progress (other than noticing some passages have become narrower).
Couldn't hurt to add a timer so you know how long you've been at it.

Lame title

The game decided to just show a black screen after I travelled to some Overlord-something by accident. Refreshing handled that...

The graphics are okay, but not that great since it's all just tweens of one side view. Gameplay is... generic. Not really holding my attention. It seems like another grind-based MMO with Final Fantasy style battles. Sitting at 2.21, its score looks a lot lower than deserved, but it's just not really too new or interesting. This effort should've been aimed at something a bit more original.


I kept trying to find other things I could obtain or other places I could go to... There was a lot more combining items than I expected. The ending felt a bit abrupt to me. I would've liked to continue... I feel like I didn't really accomplish anything. I lodged my pillow in the trash, I dropped a bucket in a well, and I got my only companion high. I thought I'd be trying to find food or something. I mean, we uncover a secret of Bozo's, but that didn't really seem like my ultimate goal.
Interesting, but too short, methinks.

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