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It's quite nicely done. I like that it goes with the music, additional sound effects aren't needed. It might be better if you added backgrounds, though.


This is pretty dull and pointless to watch... Also, there's more to clouds than just blurring up some white blob. If you've actually been on a plane, or if you perhaps look up some pictures, you'll see that the clouds look like a land covered in snow. The simple blur cloud is passable from a distance, but, since it's the focus of this animation, you should've tried to give them more detail.

inhstudios responds:


Good crap

I wish spam crews could be this creative. This wasn't amazingly made or whatever, but nice job singing along to something that'd generally be used as "epic" music and being nonsensical in a good way.

LeatherFatty7 responds:


You don't wake n' bake?

Good god, I love your work. What a happy coincidence that I'd see this on my rare visit to Newgrounds. Keep up the great work, man.


I wasn't like, laughing the whole way through as some people seem to be. I also wasn't really sure what I'd been linked to. I thought it would just be another stupid, overrated, overhyped thing. By the end I was laughing a little at the pronunciation, then laughing a bit more when I read the original review, then laughing immensely as I played the game this thing is about. Thanks for raising my awareness.
The texty stuff was well done, but I'm not giving this a perfect score since I don't consider it on the same level as... better things. It's good, though.


Not that Kirby is particularly hard to draw, but this was animated pretty well. Good job with the lighting and making the enemies get startled/out of the way.
The ball enemy made me think something else would happen, but it turned out it had no significance at all. I don't expect everyone to whip out a Final Fantasy A+ for a classroom project, but it couldn't hurt to give this movie a little more meaning/conclusion.

Other than that, I think you should credit where you got the song/sound effects (or anything else you didn't make) from. Keep at it, I like seeing Kirby movies (particularly non-sprite ones). Or whatever else you make, I'm sure it'd be decent judging by this movie.

AdventAxl responds:

I originally planned to make Kirby do the Epic dance, Kirby copying the ability and fight the tree enemy, but I had a deadline and freezing flash program. It also would've been too much for a 1st assignment...can you image how much I will have to top that one flash for 10 weeks? Craziness right?

It's a good idea I should give credit. I just edited the flash giving credit, thanks for the tip. Also this flash inspired me to make more flashes, so I might be making more as good as this one.

Pretty decent

The general idea was alright, more original than having him fight some other faceless stick man like many others do. I liked how the weapons were formed and that jump-smash with the pole was pretty great.

There are three main things I feel could be improved.
1. The speed... A lot of it was too slow to feel the intensity of the attacks.
2. The character had noodle arms that would simply curve around... While it's possible for you to develop that into a recognizable style of your own, I felt it took away from the intensity. Having a sharp angle at the elbow when preparing a punch would look a lot more fierce than simply curving your arm to hit the thing in front of you.
3. The lack of background was kinda bland. You could let the character interact with the background (like picking objects up) or smash through one background into another, etc. Having a plain white background is just kinda boring. Even a simple black background with small white dots ("stars") or a typical black background with green grid would be more appealing.

Sound can be synced in flash by going to the properties panel, clicking the frame the song starts on, and selecting "Stream" as the sync option (it's usually on "Event" by default). This will make the music pause when the movie pauses and stuff.

darkpower508 responds:

Thanks in general.
1. Really? I thouhg it was just right. I'll see next time I'll experiment with speed and stuff.
2. That was thanks to shape tween, maybe this is by FBF can benifit over weening. I'll work on it.
3. I was hoping no-one would notice. a) I didn't think of one, and b) I thouhgt you wouldn't be able to see the stickmen properly. I'll work on that aswell.
4. Didn';t know about syching, I'll edit that stight away. Thanks a lot :)


What... Why...? The worst part is the reviews. I just can't see how this is "genius" or "absolutely hilarious"... it didn't even make me smile a little bit. Not that I can really complain about 10 seconds lost watching this thing, but it was a huge letdown.


If it weren't for the spelling errors in the subtitles, I'd pretty much call it perfect. It was very nicely animated, a good length, and had a decent story. I like the idea of a villain who follows his word and is pretty fair. If you can call duels determined by firepower fair, anyways.


Very nice technique, but that was pretty fucked up and hard to follow. I particularly liked when it was zoomed on his legs before that zoomed out motion tween walking. The way his legs moved there looked so smooth and awesomely done, but not just some simple motion tween. Though I feel a bit weird complimenting something like that in a stick animation.

jocki responds:

Thanks, But I didn't tween anything... some motiontween on stuff but never tween on any sticks.

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